All participants will be asked to sell raffle tickets as a league-wide fundraiser to help offset costs of the program. Details will be provided as they become available.

A few people ask us why we ask them to do fundraising for the league. Your registration cost only covers a portion of everything needed to operate a successful baseball program.

Where does the money go...

Player/Team/Game Expenses
➢ Uniforms & Coaches Shirts
➢ Ice Packs and First Aid Kits for each team
➢ Quickscores subscription for each team
➢ Umpires for all competitive leagues
➢ Umpire Equipment
➢ Baseballs
➢ Trophies
➢ Team Equipment Bag w/ league appropriate gear
➢ Background Checks on all our coaches
➢ ASEP Certification for all our coaches
➢ Field Rental & Maintenance

Reoccurring Operational Expenses
➢ Annual Coaches Clinic with professional instruction by the Sox Academy. Available to all coaches at all levels.
➢ Bank Fees
➢ Insurance
➢ Website hosting
➢ Ackermann Gym & Sox Academy rental for March Player Evaluations
➢ Offset expenses incurred by Opening Day events
➢ Offset expenses incurred for Think Pink Day (100% of money raised is donated)
➢ Offset losses incurred by concessions
➢ Offset unbudgeted expenses and incidentals that occur throughout the year
➢ Facility rental for on-site registration/monthly board meeting
➢ Purchase of Clay, Turface & Ball Mix to keep our fields amongst the areas very best.

Field Improvements (includes recently completed and planned in the future)
➢ Irrigation on all VG fields (Completed Fall 2012)
➢ Pitching Machines for Instructional Leagues (Purchased 2012)
➢ Benches for T-Ball (Purchased 2012)
➢ Reconfigure VG fields to allow for younger leagues (Completed 2013)
➢ Install Safety Bases (VG 4,5&6 Completed 2012)
➢ Install Dugout Covers (VG 5&6 Completed 2012 / VG 4,7&8 Completed 2013)
➢ Install Foul Poles on VG 4-8
➢ New Sno-Cone Machine (Purchased 2013)
➢ New Hotdog Steamer (Purchased 2013)
➢ Motorized Utility Cart (Purchased 2013)
➢ Repair Infield Lips on VG 7&8 (Completed 2012)
➢ Install Distance Markers on VG 4-8
➢ Install Temporary Homerun Fences on VG 4 (Completed 2012)
➢ Install Jock Boxes on fields VG 1-4 (VG1 Completed 2012 / VG4 Completed 2013)
➢ Install Backstop Extensions on VG 4-8
➢ Purchase Remote Parking Signs for VG (Completed 2013)
➢ Extend baseline fences on both VG 7&8
➢ Install Sun Screen on backstop of field VG 1
➢ Install New Batting Cages for fields VG 3&4
➢ Purchase Pitching Screen for VG 4
➢ Replace turf in current cages (Scheduled to be Completed in 2013) 
➢ Install Scoreboards on fields VG 4-8
➢ Install Lights on fields VG 4-8